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Build the innovation
capability you need

for the future you want.™️

We coach & train leaders and their teams to build their own innovation muscle.

  • think smarter

  • learn faster

  • work more innovatively

what we do
what people say

What people say.

Andy Imrie - Innovation Consultant

“People try to over-complicate the process of innovation... Innovation Engineering is a simple, logical way of breaking it down into elements...” 


Trusted by small & large clients the world over.

Eureka!Europe is proud to be a EMEA-based licensee of the Innovation Engineering ® Institute.

Our international network of certified practitioners serves a client base across multiple industries, including:

  • pharmaceuticals

  • FMCG

  • telecoms

  • IT

  • automotive

  • food & beverage

  • financial services

  • entertainment

  • energy services

  • education

  • medical services

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Developed by innovators.

Designed for everyone.

Born out of Doug Hall's record-breaking

product innovation career at Procter & Gamble, Innovation Engineering ® has developed over

35 years to become a recognised academic

field of study.

  • Treats innovation as a total system:

➡️  create big & bold ideas

➡️  communicate concepts powerfully

➡️  commercialise for competitive

advantage & growth

  • Based on the practical management science of Dr. Edwards Deming, who's influence helped transform global manufacturing practices with TQM, Lean and Six Sigma

  • Underpinned by a secure online innovation hub: a multi-purpose platform that helps organisations deliver more value, faster, with less risk...

1️⃣  complete innovation education centre

2️⃣  agile innovation project workspace

3️⃣  built-in rapid research portal

4️⃣  innovation toolbox with 70+ tools

Proven. Powerful.


Innovation Engineering ® is the world's only fully documented complete system for reliable innovation.

  • 7x more big ideas

  • up to 6x faster results

  • with 30-80 % less risk

  • on average 72+ % more realised value

deliver more value

Jump start your brain!

Our innovation learning management system covers every element of innovation.

An all-in-one, online platform that everybody can use.

Experience our -

➡️  micro-lessons

➡️  badge tracks

➡️  certificated courses

➡️  specialist topics

... all in a single innovation hub.


Innovation 'Quick Start' Training

Learn how to lead & deliver successful innovation projects for your organisation.

  • Lead & deliver business improvement, NPD and innovation projects with confidence

  • Learn the fundamentals of Innovation Engineering, the world's only proven, total system for reliable innovation and product development

  • Help your organisation turn more ideas into reality, faster

  • Accelerate your career

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meet the team


Pozzo di Borgo - Oliver

“I believe that leaders have a duty to unlock the best ideas and performance from their people…”

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An engineer, business improvement and change coach, and certified Innovation Engineering Black Belt, Philip has helped lead transformational change projects in Southern Africa and the United Kingdom – including site work off the Skeleton Coast and North Sea.  




"Anyone can learn how to innovate given the right training and tools - I’m living proof!”

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Helen is a Graduate Chemist, Marketer and Innovation Engineer with 25 years’ experience in new product development and innovation. She is currently the only female IE Black Belt outside North America and her mission is to demonstrate that anyone can learn how to innovate given the right training and tools.




"I'm passionate about teaching people how to innovate for themselves using a proven system..."

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Dougie is a chemical engineer who's own corporate career, including a period with legendary innovators Proctor & Gamble, led him to Innovation Engineering. With a background in R&D, operations and supply-chain management, Dougie is a certified Innovation Engineering Black Belt with a passion for education. 

Meet the EMEA-region team.

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