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Future-proofing your skills!

Anyone can learn to innovate!

That’s right, it is not the preserve of a Graduate, a Product Development Manager, a Head of Innovation, a CEO or a Guru!

I firmly believe in the power of education to promote equality of opportunity and that everyone deserves a great education. Either as an innovation coach or a sports coach, I want to enable people to fulfil their potential by teaching them skills that are useful, and they can apply with ease.

Learning how to innovate enables everyone to work smarter and greatly increases the chances of innovation success –

The World Economic Forum's Future of Jobs Report 2018 says by 2022 54%+ of all employees will require significant up-skilling in innovation.

The Price Waterhouse Coopers Annual Global CEO Survey 2020 states “The #1 Concern of CEOs for 2020 is the Innovation Skill Gap.”

The Mckinsey Report on the Economic Case for re-skilling in the UK 2020 tells us that 94% of employees are not performing to their potential due to lack of skills and 50% of HR and Learning Managers admit to not delivering the right training for employees to fulfil their potential in the role

Everyone knows that we have a skills shortage in the UK, whether it is HGV Drivers or Chefs or Electricians or Machine Operatives. It goes deeper than the hard skills involved in these roles. In the Mckinsey report 92% of talent professionals say that soft skills matter as much as or more than hard skills.

So how do you go about future-proofing your skills?

Read the articles cited above, talk with your managers about wanting to fulfil your potential and about the innovation skills gap and help them to help you to fulfil your potential and future-proof your skills by learning how to innovate.


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